Morgan Stanford

Co-Founder of Mooselax Lacrosse Club

Coach Morgan

mOose Facts

Head Trainer Mooselax Goalie’s Rule! Academy

Coach of Mooselax Herds:  2030 & 2031

Hometown: Centerport, New York

High school: Harborfields High School 92

College: University of Massachusetts

Coaching Experience:

  • Head Coach Harborfields High School JV (2022-Present)
  • Assistant Coach Harborfields High School (2017-2021)
  • [2x County Champions 18′ & 19′)
  • Head Coach Oldfield middle school 2015/16
  • Director of Mooselax Goalie’s Rule! Academy
  • Assistant coach Millon Force 2012-13


Playing Experience:

  • Harborfields High School – 92’ county champions
  • University of Massachusetts 92-95 (1993 NCAA tournament team)
  • Long Island Lacrosse Club 2009-2019

Coaching Philosophy:

Being a physical educator, father, and coach I find it extremely important to educate each player in all three domains of learning. Developments in psychomotor (body), cognitive (brain), and affective (feelings/emotions) are my goals. The joy of watching a player develop from young child to young adult on and off the field is priceless.

Why do I coach Mooselax?

I coach Mooselax so I can implement my coaching philosophy and help give back to my community. I was very fortunate to be raised and experience lacrosse here on Long Island, and I would love to “Pay it Forward” and give the children the same experience I had.